Mint Panel is a simple and easy to use online hosting control panel that manages and automates web, voice and game servers.  It is aimed at small or large web hosting, game or voice companies looking to deliver a whole host of features to their clients.  Mint Panel is a pioneering innovator of the all-in-one control panel delivering great features which are easy to use. 

Designed with the customer in mind Mint Panel delivers a system which simplifies tasks at both the administrative level and the end user level.  Security is a top focus for us so we have used JAVA in conjunction with the OS platform to provide very powerful security architecture.  Our control panel is the fastest available.  We have optimised time and time again to deliver the fastest management platform available for our customers.  We can easily scale from one server to hundreds.  Admin takes place all within one central, simple to use UI.  Server statistics and other information is pooled and stored centrally making administration easier.  We have built off of our own API which is fully available.  This means that any task or function performed within Mint Panel can be replicated through XML cURL from the customer’s own platform.  Mint Panel is fully customisable from making simple UI changes to completely building an entirely new interface or even programming one in your own programming language using the API.