NOTICE: This feature is currently in BETA. You will need to use our checkout script in order for users to place orders. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Mint Panel comes complete with a fully featured billing system.

  • Recurring Payments

    Set up recurring payments with your clients.

  • Automation & Integration

    Automatically suspends services if payments are missed.

  • Invoice Creation

    Custom invoices can also be setup by administrators or resellers for miscellaneous items.

  • Payment gateways

    Multiple payment gateways supported with support for custom gateways to be added.

  • Billing

Industry First - Billing Models

Mint Panel also allows you to bill your customers however you want! Whether it be a conventional monthly recurring invoice or a "pay-as-you-go" approach or both! Mint Panel allows you to setup and customise your own billing models. For example, Using Mint Panel's billing system I can invoice a customer on a monthly basis with flat hosting cost of $3.00 and can also then charge them by the following with a unit multiplier of your choice.

  • Connections
  • Average connections
  • Total connections
  • 95th percentile of connections
  • Connections peak
  • Average cpu usage
  • Total cpu usage
  • 95th percentile of cpu usage
  • Cpu usage peak
  • Average memory usage
  • Total memory usage
  • 95th percentile of memory usage
  • Memory peak
  • Average bandwidth usage
  • Total bandwidth usage
  • 95th percentile of bandwidth usage
  • Bandwidth Peak
  • Total disk-space in use
  • Disk space used over the last month


  • Export reports and summaries.
  • Downloadable PDF support for invoices.

Clan Pay

Support for clan pay so multiple users can contribute toward the cost of services

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • PayPal Pro
  • WebMoney
  • 2checkout
  • more to follow soon, watch this space

Full API Support

Mint Panel allows you to create your own payment gateway plug ins with its extensive API support.

Mint Panel Bespoke Invoice.