Game Server Control Panel

Mint Panel has taken gaming very seriously as the first web control panel to offer a comprehensive game control panel as standard.

Title Support

Includes support for over 75 games including your own custom applications all can be customised from the web UI. Specific user accounts can have additional custom command line attributes. Supports both Windows and Linux support for Game Servers. Complete list here.

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One-click Mod Installs

Keep getting support requests for mods/map packs to be installed? Mint Panel comes complete with support for mods/maps and any other media type to be installed on the fly by users.

Usage Capping

First control panel to offer bandwidth and disk space capping for game servers.

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Full FTP support, and web based FTP UI with URL and extractor support. Includes a customer uploader that requires no plugins. Adds the ability to restrict file formats, protect certain files and also set permissions and other file management tasks. There is an in-built text editor for editing files on the fly.

Server Statistics

Full detailed statistics collected for each game server including; players, CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth monitoring.

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Web UI

Full RCON support for selected games. Full live server queries for all supported games. Users can start/stop/restart their own servers unless suspended. Full config switching for custom branding / match config full customisable by users and administrators.

Auto Restart / Scheduled Restarts

Automatic game server reboot from recovery from crash or failure, saving time and support requests. Comprehensive debugging reports when game servers fail to start good for custom mod debugging and administrators. Scheduled reboots can be set up by user and administrator to prevent memory leaks from games.

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Active Console

You can now see everything live. Mint Panel will steam live console feeds straight to the control panel user interface making administration even easier. The console itself is fully interactive. This means that console access is available to all games without the support for RCON or other protocol based management.

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Steam Updates

Update steam based games live from the control panel. Our one-click steam updates will update your game server or servers immediately. Giving a live progress feed directly back to the console.

Mint Motion

Migrate game servers automatically when under-load from a physical machine in the same rack to one on the other side of the world.

Game File Repositories

Mint Panel allows you to effortlessly manage your game server files via multiple storage systems.

  • CIFS / SMB

    Customers with large numbers of servers won't benefit from having to manage game files locally. Mint Panel provides a fully compliant CIFS and SMB platform to RFC standard to connect to network file stores and remotely restive and install game servers.

  • HTTP

    Setup your own local web based repository and have Mint Panel fetch and download tar/tar.gz/zip files formats and have them extracted and installed.

  • FTP

    Host your own FTP server managing and storing your game server files.


    Companies with few servers may opt for storing all files locally for ease of use and speed.

Mint Panel is driven by usability.
Mint Panel is driven by usability.
Mint Panel is driven by usability.
Mint Panel is driven by usability.
Mint Panel is driven by usability.