Mint Panel's ground breaking infrastructure management client is the first of its kind to be integrated within a control panel.

  • Active Console
  • System Overview
  • Alerts System
  • Categorisation

    Managed from datacenter's around the world to the racks of individual servers. You can get a clear overview of your systems at multiple levels.

  • Full Monitoring

    Mint Panel uses its JAVA client to gather statistics on CPU, Memory, Disk, I/O and Network Traffic. Allows you to determine bottle necks and servers experiencing issues. The JAVA client also monitors all running applications as well as your hosted services whether it be game, web or voice. Mint Panel will automatically try to resolve issues when detected.

  • Full Reporting

    Get Full exportable reports, showing areas of downtime and server health.

  • Alerts

    Custom define alerts so that when a CPU reaches an 80% thresholds determined by an administrator an alert can be sent via a variety of methods. Choose from 30 Alert hooks including Apache, IIS, MySQL and System I/O.

    Notifications can be sent via:

  • Mint Motion

    Migrate game/voice servers automatically when under-load from a physical machine in the same rack to one on the other side of the world.

  • API

    All statistics can be accessed though the API. Allowing interfaces with external systems/monitoring tools. You can for example export the status of your network so that it is visible to your clients.

Mint Panel collects statistics on all systems
Using Mint Panel you can monitor all of your systems in one place
Mint Panel can alert you to system faults via SMS, Email, Twitter and more!