Mint Panel's server-client architecture allows the slave client to simply be deployed on as many servers as you like. All managed through one central web front-end.

The remote client currently weighs in at under 4MB. Making the foot print of Mint Panel very small. The client will automatically setup and create appropriate permissions and upgrade/patch the system if appropriate. In summary, new clients can be deployed and running in less than 10 minutes (significantly less for game servers.). Existing services can be migrated over or new game/websites/voice servers can be installed as specified.

Our Infrastructure module for larger Mint Panel deployments allows for the management of hundreds of servers.

  • Storage Architectures

    Mint Panel supports several storage architectures (CIFS/SMB/FTP/HTTP/LOCAL) to help manage and centralise sites and application repositories as well as HA (High availability) and in future support, load balancing.

  • Mint Motion

    Administrators cam quickly migrate applications (game/voice) from one physical server to another via Mint Motion.