Mint Panel's UI was architected and designed with great care continually reviewed and changed. This iterative process allowed us to deliver a solid, fast and easy-to-use control panel. We continue to take on board customer feedback to make Mint Panel the most user-friendly, functional control panel around.


Mint Panel was built on simplicity as a core principle. We have listened to real customer feedback and built off our own experiences with similar products. Mint Panel has been built with all of the latest technology and innovations helping increase the overall speed and performance. Mint Panel execute on average 11 times faster than other leading platforms. This increased speed adds to the user experience allowing them to complete tasks/address issues quickly.

  • Mint Panel Slave Servers

Centralised Management

With server environments expanding rapidly Mint Panel offers a simple solution. Centralised administration. Mint Panel runs "slave" clients on remote servers which await secured requests from the Master server. Users of all access levels login to this single web-base user interface which "talks" to the system.

User Management

There are five login levels with Mint Panel with each level having its appropriate roles and responsibilities, which can also be defined by the administrator in the tier above.

  • Administrator

    Has the highest access level which enables hosting administrators to quickly and easily gain access to all servers enabling them to carry out their respective role. Using the control panel, administrators can also manage their entire network infrastructure quickly and efficiently leaving no room for system failure.

  • Reseller

    Second tier login level that has all the same functionality as the administrator with the exception of slave server and infrastructure management. This provides the capability for resellers to sell on game, web and voice servers. Administrators can also offer limited API access to resellers so they can also automate their tasks.

  • Account Holder

    Third tier login allows account holders to manage all of their web, game or voice servers they can also create fourth tier users to help administer these services with restrictions at their own discretion.

  • User

    Fourth tier for individuals created by tiers 1 through 3, typically assigned to individual servers or the account to help pay bills or administer servers.

  • Mail User

    Individual mail account level which enables the user to log in to their own private interface to manage passwords, spam filters, anti-virus settings.

Mint Panel Remote Slave Servers.