Voice Server Control Panel

Mint Panel supports both major VOIP clients, TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. The Web UI also boasts:

Title Support

Includes support for all the major voice applications including your own custom applications all can be customised from the web UI. Specific user accounts can have additional custom command line attributes. Supports both Windows and Linux support for Voice Servers. Complete list here

  • TeamSpeak Support


Full Codec support with TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, administrators can globally disable specific Codec types. Mint Panel features a LIVE config editor for TeamSpeak that allows TeamSpeak servers to be updated live without disconnecting clients.

Usage Capping

First control panel to offer bandwidth and disk space capping for voice servers.

Web UI

The web UI features a full customisable administrative interface for clients even restricting their access to modifying every aspect of a voice server. All changes are updated in real-time. Updates to TeamSpeak servers can happen without dropping a single client.

Mint Panel Live TeamSpeak editor.